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St. Thomas Restoration Committee receives National Trust Award

Updated: 9 hours ago

Our St. Thomas Restoration Committee received an award on October 21 from the National Trust for Canada, in recognition of “exemplary cross-cultural cooperation in conservation and reconciliation.” Congratulations to our Committee Chair, Robert Faries, and the rest of our volunteer committee members, and our MRHHA team!

View MRHHA's award page on the National Trust for Canada site

Present to receive the award on behalf of the MRHHA and the St. Thomas Restoration Committee, were (from left to right): Bernice Kapashesit (More than 350 Committee Co-Chair), Cecil Chabot (MRHHA Executive Director), Virginia Barter (More than 350 Committee Co-Chair), and Emily Turner (Heritage Designation Lead, St. Thomas Restoration Committee).

The award certificate



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