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Board Members

Our board comprises a dynamic mix of appointed and elected individuals who guide our strategic direction. The structure includes three appointees—one from each jurisdiction—and six members elected by the general membership, ensuring representation from each community.


Chairperson and Moose Cree First Nation jurisdictional representative and appointee


Kim Cheechoo


Elected Member representing Moose Cree First Nation membership

Cheryl Ashamock.jpeg

Cheryl Ashamock


Elected Member-at-large


Marilyn Gunner-McLeod


MoCreebec Eeyoud Council  jurisdictional representative and appointee


Carina Weapenicappo


Elected Member representing MoCreebec Eeyoud Council membership


Mike Metatawabin


Elected Member-at-large, supporting engagement other Omushkego Aski communities




Town of Moosonee jurisdictional representative and appointee




Elected Member representing Moosonee residents

roger chum_edited.jpg

Roger Chum


Elected Member-at-large

Yaneth Hernandez.png

Yaneth Hernandez


Adjointe à la direction

(514)-782-0433 poste 239

Sarah Vartian.png

Sarah Vartian


Adjointe administrative

(514)782-0433 poste 244

Cindy Lebel.png

Cindy Lebel


Commis comptable, Adjointe administrative


Anick Rodrigue.png

Anick Rodrigue


Commis comptable 

support administratif

(514)782-0433 poste 232


The backbone of our organization, our team consists of dedicated full-time and part-time staff, core consultants, and volunteer committee co-chairs. Together, they drive our daily operations and advance our mission through their expertise and commitment.

Bernice Kapashesit_edited.jpg

Director of Development, Special Projects &

History Programming

Acting Executive Director

Bernice Kapashesit_edited.jpg

More than 350 Committee Co-Chair

virginia barter.jpeg

Virginia Barter


More than 350 Committee Co-Chair


Robert Faries


St. Thomas Restoration Committee Chair



Our committees are essential in shaping the focus and activities of our association. Each committee is tasked with specific goals that align with our overall mission, ranging from heritage preservation to community engagement, and they play a pivotal role in our success. 

Funders, Partners & Sponsors

Our initiatives are supported by a diverse network of funders, partners, and sponsors who share our commitment to preserving and promoting the heritage of the Moose Cree homeland. These collaborations enrich our programs and extend our reach, ensuring that we can continue to celebrate and educate about our rich cultural history. From financial backers to strategic allies, each contributor plays a vital role in sustaining our projects and expanding our impact within the community and beyond.

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