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Generosity and reciprocity are at the heart of Cree and Canadian culture.

Your donation will help restore and renew Moose Factory’s Old St. Thomas and build a better future with our shared past.


Something exciting is happening in the Moose Cree Homeland, and we want you to be part of it! Our Cree and intercultural heritage stretches back beyond the arrival of fur traders in 1670s to time immemorial, and forward to the present. Your gift will honour the legacy of our loved ones by helping build a future with our shared past. The time is now to join us and get involved.

Šawelihcikewin Campaign

Translated from Cree, Šawelihcikewin means “receiving with gratitude and a desire to give back” and reflects the generosity that is deeply embedded in our culture.

We are launching the Šawelihcikewin Campaign now to raise funds to restore and renew Moose Factory’s Old St. Thomas. Your gift will have a major impact!


Our campaign by the numbers
Phase I – Save Old St. Thomas

$3.2 million
Campaign Goal

Funds raised to date

Šawelihcikewin Campaign

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